Wedding Photography: Be Imaginative

The most notable wedding photographers are the ones who are most innovative in their portrait creations. So the question is, how do you become a trend setter with your wedding imagery? Start with these ideas and you’ll be on your way to becoming an edgy and creative wedding photographer that impresses.

1. Think with movement: Just because your wedding subjects are dressed in formal wear doesn’t mean your portraits need to be all formal also. Try to capitalize on every day motions and movements to add interest to your shots. Skipping. Laughing. Dancing. Karate moves. Leap Frog. The more movement you can incorporate, the more interesting your shots will be.

2. Use framing: Shoot “through” as many objects as you can. Car windows. Tire swings. Key holes. Rings. Positioned fingers. A type of “third party” element will give more depth and dimension to your imagery.

3. Show off your subjects: Treat a wedding party as simply many individuals making up a whole group. Allow each individual to pose themselves to add variety and personality.

4. Think “polaroid”-esque: Take a photo with an iPhone, a Polaroid, or a digital camera. Face this image screen toward the camera and set up the shot again with your subjects mirroring the previous image. Layering these images adds another dimension that boasts “no photoshop” creativity.

5.Utilize space: Gone are the days when everyone was positioned equal distance from one another and from the camera. Play with your subject spacing and placement to the camera. Variety of distance and space will add an illusion of alternating “levels”, and used rightly, will give additional importance on the Bride and Groom.

In an age of creative genius all around us, don’t forget: No one sees the way you do. Don’t be afraid of taking some creative risks. You never know when you may hit on a new trend simply because you aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box.

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