On Location Product Photography

You want to get your name into the community. You want to build relationships. You want to display your work in an unconventional way. Perhaps you ought to consider the possibilities of on location product shooting.

On location product shooting looks something like this: You go into a storefront, use the available and supplemental lighting to feature the pieces best, shoot to highlight the store offerings and other unique aspects, and present to the store owner for use and possible display.

While a generally simple process, follow these few tips and you will be sure to have a successful shoot.

1. Choose a storefront that holds your interest. Makeup technician. Clothes designer. Jewellery artist. Coffee shop. Anything you like or are drawn to may give you a more interesting perspective for shooting.

2. Evaluate the light: Your best hours for available light will entirely depend on which direction the store’s windows face. Scout ahead of time and find out which hours of the day will provide the brightest light for your work.

3. Visit the store multiple times. Buy some pieces. Study the arrangement of the displays to best capture the products. Remember you want to create art, and also draw the viewer to purchase the pieces.

4. Talk at length with the owner: You want to portray the shop in a way that captures the viewers attention, but above all else, you want to capture the vision of the shop owner. As your work will add to the message of the store, it is vital that you work with the owner on the right look and feel.

5. Take your time. While shooting, watch the angle of your light. Slowing down will enable you to focus on manipulating the light to create the most appealing textures and shapes.

6. Use variety: Don’t get stuck in one kind of focal length or framing. Create shots that are wide angle to give setting to the entire scene. Use mid shots to illustrate pieces in an overal setting. And don’t forget about close up detail shots that will capture the true elements offered by the shop.

Once you have completed your shoot, back up and edit right away. Send a “Thank You” card to the shop owner during the time it takes you to process. A fast turn around time is what will set you apart from the crowd. And while you may simply be handing a disc of rights free images, remember that first impressions are everything and be sure to package the disc to stand out.

Really want to make a splash? Order a few complimentary prints. If your abilities are where your confidence is, the shop owner will be ecstatic to display beautiful pieces of their work by your own hand. And that is a win=win situation for you.

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