12 Ways To Use YouTube To Market Your Photography Business

You’re a photographer. You should market your business with your photographs. But what about video? YouTube is now one of the top sites online. It’s hard for any business owner to ignore YouTube. And while the most viral videos online are the silly, amazing or downright unbelievable, you don’t have to go viral to have success. What would a few hundred hits translate into your business? Possibly a client or two. If you haven’t created your own channel yet, head over and do so. Its free and easy to do. Not sure what to create a video of? Here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Showcase your skills
Have your assistant video a few minutes of posing from a portrait, wedding or commercial shoot. Showcase your talents, and show off the finished image.

2. Share a slide presentation
You can incorporate a series of images into a dynamic presentation perfect for sharing on YouTube.

3. Share a testimonial
Talk with a client or two, and ask them to record a minute long testimonial. Then weave it together with images from the shoot to showcase what you’ve produced for the client.

4. Share a few tips
How about clothing consultations, or ideas on framing and presentation? Share things that accent your business, and can help you sell more imagery.

5. Show behind the scenes
The average person has no idea what a photographer’s job entails. Show him or her with a creative video, and showcase how many hours are put into each client’s order.

6. Take them on a tour
Share your studio, your workspace, or any other phase of your business to start building trust with your potential customers.

7. Give advice
Explain the differences between your products and services, and what each of them mean to you.

8. Build up your expertise
How about a video showcasing you? Why did you get into photography? Build up the story, and let people know why you are unique.

9. Give advice
As a professional photographer, you know a ton about photography. Share some advice, and build up your own credibility.

10. Throw a charity event
When you’re out and about volunteering at events, create short videos showcasing your booths and other services.

11. FAQ
Every business has a series of common questions people ask most. Write them down and create a series of videos to answer them.

12. Tell a story
Instead of one video, why not create a series? Show a work in progress following one client – from initial call, to event, to production, to final testimonial.

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