Add a Soft Focus effect to make a portrait

1. Click and drag the Background Layer over the New Layer button to duplicate it.
2. Click Filter.
3. Click Convert for Smart Filters.
4. Click OK in the message box.
5. Click Filter.
6. Click Blur.
7. Click Gaussian Blur.

8. Click and drag the Radius Slider to blur the image.
9. Click OK to apply the blur.
10. Click here and select Screen. Note that the image becomes very light.
11. Click here to add a layer mask. Press B to select the Brush tool.
12. Click here to open the Brush Picker.
13. Click a soft-edged brush just large enough to outline the eye area.
14. Click the Airbrush thumbnail.
15. Click here and drag the slider to the left until 40% appears in the Opacity field.

16. Paint over the eyes and other important features to bring them out.
17. Click here and drag the Layer Opacity slider to the left to get the amount of glow that you want. The soft focus is applied to the overall portrait while keeping the main features of the subject in sharp focus.

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