Silent Marketing Tips for Photographers

We all know that word of mouth is the best form of marketing, but for creative industries it is even more important. The world has a perception – “artists don’t like to post advertisements around, they love to create art. And if somebody is hanging posters about himself, it means he is not good enough.” The truth is that good artists really don’t need marketing, everybody finds them anyway.

We as artists can quietly help the word to spread around – it’s called “silent marketing”. Here are a few tips, tested by creative people. The main goal is to get people talking about you.

Business Cards
Many artists have really nice business cards, but there are thousands and thousands that don’t even have one. It attracts the attention of other people and usually more people get your cards. Having a nice card that is chosen by taker, will add an extra possibility that the person will not throw it away. If the card is excellent, it might happen that it will be shown to others. And if the card is exceptional – if somebody got several, then it might be passed to somebody else.

Final Product
We live in a digital era and more and more photographers use digital tools to present their final work. These tools are very useful and they help to spread the word around, but don’t underestimate the world of tangible materials. If your customers are companies or high tech guys, then this might not be for you. Not all have iPads or time to upload pictures on their cell phones. A very good solution for spreading your name is good old prints that you give along with CD. Moms of your models will meet other moms. They will talk about babies and kids. And there is a bigger chance that they will take the prints and show them to others. 

People know, they will get a CD. In most cases they think that it will be just a CD in an envelope or plastic box and most probably there will be something written with a permanent pen on the disk. You can turn this moment into a positive and unexpected experience. Packaging is not that time and money consuming, but it gives you a chance to say without words that you care about your customer, she or he is special to you, and you invested more than it is expected from you. 

Delivery time and place
Think about time and place, where your customer will be or where he/she might open and see your work for the first time (in any of the form, files, CD, prints). If he or she is in the office, then all colleagues will hear about you. If there is planned a party, then all guests will see pictures and will talk about you. You know your customers better – find time and place that could help to whisper your name.

Gift cards or vouchers
The key is to get gift receiver cry or close to it. If you are a children photographer, in most cases you contacts are young women – moms of little models. They are emotional and accessing their hearts is not very hard, but some of them really cry when opening gift card. In most cases it happens in parties, and it is hard to skip tears. Everybody will know why and your name will fly in the air for some time. Make your cards as personal as possible. Include the name of the gift receiver, ask the gift giver to choose from several quotations – all of them are touchy, and write the text using tiny emotional details that you ask from gift givers. All together with the nice packaging it explodes into emotions that are above average. People love to give presents that make gift receiver really happy. And don’t forget to put several business cards into envelope of gift card or final product packaging!

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