Weddings – 5 Ways you can be a Working Guest

So how can you manage being a working guest and still feel that you enjoyed the wedding? Consider these 5 things:

Write the vision and make it plain. Get everything down in writing. Discuss how you’d like to shoot each section of the wedding, from what vantage point you’d like to be shooting and, of course, what the end product will be (a disk? a book?)

Getting ready. Will you be there when he/she is getting ready? Consider when/how you will also get ready and whether this will be feasible for you. 

The ceremony. You could request to be seated near the front. So you can sit as a guest and still get her coming down the aisle as well as pop into the aisle for a couple shots from behind during the ceremony.

The reception. Get there a tad early, shoot the venue without any people, get the details and then relax as a guest. Hire a great low-light zoom lens so you can sit at the table and still get shots all around the room from the comfort of your seat.

After hours. If you plan on partying into the night, consider telling them when you plan on ending the gig as the photographer. If people will be drinking, dancing and the lights will be low; you don’t want to leave your camera around while you’re off having fun. Lock it safely away and go have a much deserved party!

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