It’s Time to BECOME a Better Photographer

As photographers we need to be willing to step out of ‘learning’ mode and into ‘doing’ mode. This starts with picking up your camera and taking it with you – everywhere. It continues with a commitment to regularly lifting that camera to your eye and taking shot after shot.

  • It means sometimes stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and feeling a little awkward or self conscious to get the shot.
  • It means a not being satisfied with the first shot but experimenting with new angles and fresh perspectives on subjects.
  • It means not only knowing the ‘rules’ or principles of photography – but having a commitment to practice them (and breaking them).
  • It means going beyond understanding the ’specifications’ and ‘features’ of your camera and actually experimenting with using them.
  • It means ‘thinking’ about your photography – planning shots, setting yourself challenges and then critically reflecting upon the photos you take to work out how you could improve.
  • It sometimes means sharing your images – not simply to show how good you are and get ‘nice shot’ remarks – but in the hope that others will point out where you might improve.
  • It means all of these things and more (share your own below) but most of all it means picking up your camera and using it.

Good photographers are not all about ‘action’ – there is certainly a place for learning, reflection and a certain type of ‘passivity’ (or reflection) in photography – but if there’s one common thing about great photographers its…. they take photos.

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