4 Quick Tips for Portraits

1. Keep it Simple
The more complex your scene is the more unlikely you are to get a shot that is the X factor. Keep your backgrounds (and foregrounds) uncluttered, work with natural light where you can, if you have to use artificial light keep it simple and use as few lights as possible.

2. Set up the Shot before Introducing Your Subject to it
Be as prepared as possible before your subject arrives. If you’re shooting in a studio, have your lighting ready and camera set up and ready to go. If you’re shooting on location, know where you want to shoot. Have your camera’s settings ready to go and even do a few test shots before your subject arrives. This way you don’t keep them waiting around and get to photograph them when they are fresh.

3. Shoot into the Light
Lens hoods are a must if you’re doing this outside in bright environments though – you’ll also need fill flash.

4. Shoot from Slightly Below Your Subject’s Eyeline
Shooting from slightly below a person’s eyeline is something to be quite flattering for most people. 

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