Pet Photography 101 by Andrew Darlow

"Pet Photography 101" by Andrew Darlow is a collection of 101 tips for taking better pet photographs. The 101 tips are broken down into 9 chapters of related tips. Starting with basics on camera selection and controls, the book quickly progresses to chapters of tips relating to composition, lighting, special events, funny photos, and digital processing. A full 3 chapters are related to different types of lighting and lighting encountered in different situations (such as outdoors, low-light, and windows).

There are plenty of example images in the book with is a must for a visual medium such as photography. Mr. Darlow has also included detailed information about each example photo and post editing which is a great resource itself for those who learn by example.

Overall, "Pet Photography 101" is a nice companion book for more technical step-by-step books you may own on photography.

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