How to Be an Environmentally Friendly Photographer

Avoid Destruction to Get a Shot
Have you ever come across a scene that is just perfect…. except for that frustrating overhanging branch that is so distracting? The temptation in these situations is to look around and see if anyone is watching before you snap it off or pull it back to the point that it bends out of your shot. Perhaps you’ve not done it – photographers do it and in doing so they leave a scar on the scene that they’ve just ‘captured’.

Obey Instructions
Breaking the rules for the sake of ‘the shot’ is not worth it.

Take Out What You Take In
If you take something into, you need to take it out. This includes all kinds of rubbish and waste – particularly non biodegradable things. This is one thing that most photographers totally ignore.

Leave What You Find Where You Found It
Some photographers like to take more out of the places they visit than just the images that they capture. These ’souvenirs’ might look great in your backyard or on your mantle piece – but if we all did it there’d be very little left.

Travel Light
The temptation when going out to do landscape photography is to take every piece of gear you own just in case you need it. There are a few problems with this. Firstly you’ll end up with a sore back if you take too much gear, secondly you probably won’t use it all, thirdly it’ll slow you down and fourthly it can actually be detrimental to the environment to take too much in. In some environments when you carry loads of gear (tripods, big bags, long lenses, reflectors etc), you end up knocking sometimes fragile parts of the environment around you.

Don’t Disturb the Animals
Animals should be respected and interfered as little as possible when photographing them.

Go with Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable batteries will keep you from adding waste to landfills – and in the long run they’ll save you money too!

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