5 Tips for Gorgeous Infant Photographs

It’s possible that Infant Photography is among the most priceless treasures of family memories. There are few things more remarkable than reminiscing about how far someone has come in life. After all, no matter where someone may end, up, everyone has started from the same place.

Infant Portraits have the power to preserve the precious naiveté of a life, no matter how far they stray from it. Too many parents, there is nothing so priceless.

Infant Portraiture is challenging. You must be incredibly sensitive to the Mother’s comfort, and extremely careful with the infant. You must be artistic. You must be technically sound. And on top if it all, you must be swift and precise. Here are a few tips to help you sort out your first Infant Portraiture session:

1. Work with the Mother
You don’t want to be responsible for the infant becoming injured during the shoot. A mother will know how best to handle her baby, and possesses the gentle touch to keep it safe. Make suggestions on posing, while asking the Mother “is it possible to…”

2. Work with available light
If possible, shoot in an area that will not have challenging variables with light. Set up next to a window, or use strobes positioned and tested before you begin.

3. Determine the importance of surroundings
Some families want portraits of the Infant in “natural” contexts. On the parents bed. On a blanket in front of the couch. Sometimes they want to achieve a more “Anne Gedes” look in painstakingly set scenes with special props. Or, the look may be a simple studio backdrop with beautiful lighting. Know ahead of time. You will organize and plan your entire shoot based on this information.

4. Watch Details
Face shots, toes, fingers holding a blanket – all these details are important aspects of your documentation. Use them to add variety and artistry in your shots.

5. Go for the eyes
An infant’s eyes reflect purity and innocence like no other. If the infant is awake, make an effort to engage and pull out expressions. Be gentle. Be quiet. Smile. Tickle the baby. Talk to the baby. Laugh together. If you connect, you will be able to pull out emotion from the eyes of this little person in ways you didn’t know were possible.

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