5 Reasons to Take Your Camera Everywhere

1. You’ll begin to see the world Differently 
With a camera in your pocket or bag you’ll find yourself looking for opportunities to use it and when you start looking at the world in that way you’ll start to see if differently.

2. You’ll take more pictures
It sounds obvious – and it is – but the result of more pictures is that you’ll improve your averages of taking a good one!

3. You’ll be more likely to get out of Auto mode 
The more you use your camera and see your results the more you’ll find yourself wanting to stretch yourself out of auto mode into using the full potential of your camera.

4. You’ll get to know your camera 
The more you use your camera the more familiar you’ll become with it and what it’s capable of. You'll  find that after an intense week with your camera that changing settings becomes second nature and much faster.

5. You’ll miss less ‘Kodak moments’ 
You don’t realize just how many opportunities you miss to capture moments photographically until you start carrying your camera around. While you may be  a big believer in not relying upon your photography to ‘create’ memories – think that images are a wonderful way to help remember stories and celebrate life. Images are good for the soul – don’t miss the opportunity to create them. Take your camera everywhere!

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